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I found this place like many of us do, searching reviews. We all got it right with this one. Onder is a great guy who loves what he does. I reached out to him via email to discuss a bag repair job and when we set up the in person meeting, we finalized all the little details. Onder is: a great craftsman, easy person to get a hold of, great ideas & an amazing space to work from I highly recommend going to Skin on Skins for all your leather needs. One really great tip he gave me was getting some saddle soap and leather conditioner for my bag, it looks so much better and much healthier, without changing the ruggedness I liked. Based on his experience he can work on a variety of things and I am sure he can help create something new if you need it as well. I will definitely be going back to SOS for anything leather related.

Eduardo Aguilar

I have a beautiful Moroccan leather coat that tore right open along a seam in the San Francisco airport. It was the only coat I had with me, and I had an important dinner I was planning to wear it to that evening. I figured I was screwed, but my wife started looking online, and found Skin On Skins. Onder repaired my coat so beautifully that you can't even see where it was damaged unless you look really close. Even better, he was willing to do it as a rush job, so I was able to wear my coat to dinner that evening. A top-notch experience all around, can't recommend this business enough.

Noah B.

Onder does great work at really fair prices. He's a stand-up guy and absolutely an original. Just about anything you need done with leather he can do, whether it's motorcycle jacket repairs (he's done two of mine) or a unique piece of couture. Next time you're in SF's Mission district and want to get someone a cool gift call Skin On Skins to check out all the rad stuff on display. You'll probably walk out with several pieces.

Evan A.

Onder's mastery with leather is truly exceptional. I had a beautiful Celine bag that languished in my closet due to an unappealing strap. Despite multiple discouragements from others, my fashion designer instincts led me to believe there was a solution. Discovering Onder's website, I visited his shop where he not only grasped the essence of my bag-related woes but transformed it into perfection, exceeding my expectations. His studio is an artistic haven, adorned with charming accessories like belts and bracelets. Currently collaborating on a custom bag, I confidently declare Onder as the epitome of excellence. Highly recommend his shop!

Janine M.

Onder is a magician with leather. The stuff which he makes is of incredible quality and craftsmanship while still delivering on prices. I had him make my apple watch bands and along with great looks they are still going strong with no signs of wearing. If you're looking for any sort of leather product, skin on skins is highly recommended.

Bhavya A.

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    Welcome to the baddest leather sanctuary in cyberspace, where the riff meets the rugged. Unleash your inner rebel and cruise through our collection of leather masterpieces that scream defiance and style louder than a roaring guitar solo.

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    Strap in, because we're not just selling leather products; we're slinging attitude, rebellion, and a whole lotta cool. From custom leather jackets that'll make you the undisputed rockstar of the streets to badass rock'n' belts that stomp with the rhythm of your heart, we've got it all.

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    Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. This ain't your grandma's leather—this is a symphony of rebellion, stitched with threads of badassery. So, gear up, fellow renegade, and let's rock this leather revolution together. Because when life gives you lemons, throw on a leather jacket and crank up the volume!

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    Onder Keskin, a leather virtuoso with over 30 years of experience under his belt, cranks out custom masterpieces. From killer bags to custom motorcycle seats, we bring your leather dreams to life. Our mission: top-notch quality that stands the test of time, all made in the USA, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Get ready to rock your leather game!

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