Leather Alterations & Repair

Skin On Skins is a full custom leather shop. I have been working with leather since the late 80’s, and the company has been around since 2002. We specialize in custom leather products of all types, sizes, designs, etc
• Crash damage repair
• Leather repair
• Leather restoration
• Cleaning
• Refinishing
• Leather dyeing
• Alterations
• Accessory replacement for repair
• Repair of rips and tears
• Zipper replacement
• Pants hemming and Sleeve Shortening
• Snaps, Grommets, Rivets
• Saddlebag Repair
• Patch Sewing (While You Wait)
• Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
• Jacket Restorations and Dyeing

    3491 20th St, 
    San Francisco, CA 94110 
    (415) 608-2690